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Hello! I am interested in getting involved with the GoMe.

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Iscritto: 11 Maggio 2012

Hello! I'm Kentahn. I've just recently returned to the Cavern after a long absence and would like to become more involved. I run http://effyeahmystverse.tumblr.com/ and am interested in helping to build up a community of Uruites on tumblr. I'm also making a tumblr explorer KI directory. If there is any way I can become involved in the GoMe I would be very interested in helping out. :)

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Iscritto: 2 Mar 2012

Greetings Kentahn and welcome (back)! I'm Lyrositor, French translator amongst other things.

The GoMe's current big project is a video news project called Uru2U. If you have any video editing/voice acting/other skills, they would be much appreciated if they were put to this use.wink

I never use Tumblr, so I can't give you any information there.



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Iscritto: 19 Giu 2008

Hi Kentahn! I'm not sure of how your work on Tumblr can be used with the Guild of Messengers, we try to reach every group of explorers so maybe you can be the Liaison for the Tumblr community.

Sincerely I don't know how tumblr works, the site you linked is nice, maybe there is a way to incorporate our news into it?

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Iscritto: 15 Nov 2011

(/me dials the Technical Advisor of the newsletter's extension)

Come on Doobes, pick up the phone...



EDIT: Interestingly enough, our very own LP commented on that site earlier today:

laughingpineapple wrote:
As far as I know, the fan Ages have been available offline for a while via Drizzle. The Gehn shard is currently being used for testing? I haven't tried it yet....But hey, it's working! There's the All Guilds' Meeting on the first Saturday of each month to get up to date on the state of these things, the GoMe and GoG have detailed calendars on their websites!

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Iscritto: 15 Dic 2010

After reading a bit about Tumblr, I'm enthusiastic if it's done right.  It could be another way to branch out and reach more explorers, such as what we've done on Facebook and Google+ already.  If you're willing to keep it running and updated with the latest Kentahn, I'd say go for it.  That's just my opinion though, so I leave it up to our most wonderful GMs for a final decision. :)

Also, welcome back!